We ensure that your grass looks its best by mowing to the proper height. Bagging clippings is available on request. All clippings are returned to our holding yard to be composted and reused as planting medium.

Commonly known as “Weed Eating.” We use line trimmers to maintain those “hard to reach” areas to give your lawn that finished look.

Some species of grass, Zoysia especially, have problems with thatch build up which can inhibit growth and cause more water than necessary to be used. Dethatching removes that build up and ensures that your lawn stays robust.


Nothing displays attention to detail like nice crisp edges along your driveways, walkways, and planting beds.

Do​ those hedges feel like they are about to take over your house? We can put those back into shape, with proper pruning practices to keep them in their proper form.

Help conserve water, fight weeds, and keep your planting beds looking great with mulch. We use hardwood mulch or locally gathered and baled pine straw to provide definition to your planting beds and retain as much moisture as possible.


In order to be as healthy as possible, your grass needs to be able to get air to its roots. Our core aeration service ensures that your lawn is able to breathe easy.

Your lawn needs proper nutrients delivered at the right time of year to ensure proper leaf and root growth. Let us customize a nutrition plan for your lawn that will keep it thick, green, and healthy.

Do you like green grass year round? We can over-seed your lawn with winter-loving Rye or Fescue in order to keep it lush even in the winter.